It has been brought to our attention......

Kristen Baird

We live daily in the "behind the scenes" world of the studio, but it has come to our attention (after lots of requests to see more about the process and what happens in the studio) that the "normal" things we do on a day to day basis are actually pretty darn cool....cue torch and fire! That being said, we have decided to start a blog so everyone can see more about what it takes to make raw materials become finished statement pieces of jewelry. And trust us, it takes a lot to make it happen. 

So jump in with us and take a look. We can't wait to show more! Also, if you want to know more about a certain aspect of our process, let us know! You might just see a post revolving around your question pop up in the future.

Until next time,




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  • This is such an awesome idea! People are always asking me how things are done and mind blown when I show them process pictures of the finished piece. I know I had no idea what really went into jewelry before I started making it and I am still amazed daily!

    Arielle Routhier

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