Amethyst: February Birthstone of the Month

Kristen Baird

Introducing Amethyst

February’s birthstone is the alluring amethyst. It’s one of my absolute favorites, and that’s saying a lot because you know how much I love gemstones. 

Amethyst jewelry has been used as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Catherine the Great was known to be a bit obsessed with it, so she and I have something in common. If your birthday is in February, you’re in great company!

I use amethysts in so many different ways in my jewelry designs: as accent stones, show stopping center pieces, and paired with contrasting colors. I also love using the various shades of amethysts in my jewelry stacks - more on that later. 

Shades of Amethyst Kristen Baird Blog

So, what makes amethysts so special? Many people think of amethysts as purple, but they actually come in four beautiful shades:

  • Brazilian Amethyst is the medium purple color most people recognize. It reminds me of pansies or violets.
  • Pink Amethyst has a lovely light pink hue. Think about the color of light lavender flowers. 
  • African Amethyst is deep royal purple, like dark grapes.
  • Green Amethyst is a very cute mint green - that’s right, I said green! This is a great alternative for those of you with February birthdays who aren’t huge fans of purple. I adore green amethyst, and use it all the time.

Amethyst Jewelry Design

If you follow my jewelry, you know that I don’t do cookie cutter designs. I enjoy mixing metals and colors, layering jewelry, and playing with different shapes. I love amethyst because it is so versatile. All the shades look great with both yellow gold and white metals like silver, white gold and platinum. It’s also a 7 on the mohs hardness scale, which makes it a great candidate for daily wear.

Read on for examples of some of my favorite amethyst creations!

Kristen Baird Amethyst Creations

Twinkle in the Sky - (African Amethyst in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds)

One of my newest creations from the Graceful Glimmer collection, the Twinkle in the Sky ring is an excellent example of how gorgeous purple amethyst looks when contrasted with yellow gold. This ring showcases a stunning emerald cut African Amethyst (see that deep purple color), accented by an asymmetric array of three diamonds on each side, evoking a sky filled with radiant stars. 

Sunkissed Snowflake - (Green Amethyst with Sterling Silver Ripple Band)

This ring could not be more different from the one above - yet it’s still amethyst! In this case, a unique emerald cut green amethyst sits atop a sterling silver ripple band, which gradually tapers off, like a glittering snowflake melting in the sunshine. The green and silver combo makes for a lovely cool vibe, like the very early days of spring.

Encompass Necklace 

This clean, elegant necklace showcases the full gradient of purple amethyst shades, as well as utilizing a mix of both silver and gold. While the design looks simple at first glance, it’s deceptively complex. Slightly asymmetrical and using three shades of the same stone, it’s modern and minimal with a touch of Kristen Baird flair (so never boring!).

Amethyst Ring Stacks 

I see jewelry as a means of self-expression, so I’m all about mixing, matching, layering, and stacking. But oftentimes, people need some guidance when it comes to layering jewelry. Amethysts can help take the mystery out of this process. All the color variations look beautiful together, and you know that amethyst looks great with both silver and gold. All you have to do to create perfect combinations is stick with the amazing amethyst!

As an example, I created this stack using both purple and green amethysts:

Amethyst Stacks Kristen Baird Blog

Splash Gem Cuffs

Last but absolutely not least, my popular Splash Gem Cuffs and Mini Splash Gem Bangles are available in three different shades of amethyst: green, pink, and Brazilian. Pick your favorite or mix-and-match them for a fun February-themed stack! (You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?)

Amethyst Cuff Stack Kristen Baird Blog

To all my February Friends - and all my gem lovers - I hope you learned something new today about one of my favorite gemstones. I’m looking forward to celebrating Amethyst all month long!

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