Art of Layering and Stacking

Kristen Baird

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as “overdoing it” when it comes to jewelry. At least, not if you love a maximalist style full of shapes and colors! But what if you’re more of a minimalist? The good news is there’s no one right way to layer jewelry. It’s all about your personality and what feels right for you. Still, many people feel overwhelmed at the idea of picking multiple pieces and combining them. Fortunately, I am an expert when it comes to the art of layering and stacking. In fact, many of my pieces are designed with exactly this in mind.

Whether your style is bright and colorful or simple and understated, there are a few useful tips and tricks that can help you achieve a look that is authentically you. 

Trying on Jewelry by Kristen Baird

Why Stack Jewelry?

First and foremost, I recommend stacking jewelry because it’s fun! It’s also a great way to express yourself. You can dress up or dress down any outfit based on the pieces you choose, and a unique ring stack is a great conversation starter. You can also match any outfit by simply swapping out one colored piece for another. 

Plus, layering allows you to gradually build your jewelry collection over time. You don’t have to start with the flashiest or most expensive pieces. Instead, start with something simple and grow from there. 

Gifting Jewelry by Kristen Baird

Gift-giving and Treating Yourself

I’m a huge proponent of women buying jewelry for themselves. You don’t have to wait for the perfect occasion or - God forbid - the perfect man to pamper yourself. No one knows what you love better than you do, and building a jewelry stack allows you to methodically create your vision over time. You are amazing and deserve to be adored and adorned!

For my guys out there, jewelry stacking means there’s no need to be stymied by indecision when it comes to gifts. Ring or cuff stacks are a great step-by-step way to have thoughtful, coordinating gifts lined up for all sorts of milestones. Before long, every item in the set will have its own memory associated with it, and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s a stress-free way to be a gifting hero for the special someone in your life. 

Art of Building a Stack by Kristen Baird

Method to the Madness

So you want to start building your collection, but where do you begin? Just follow my super simple four-step process!

  1. Start with a simple, neutral piece as your base. (For example, the Mini Splash Gem bangle).
  2. Add a staple piece. This is a larger piece that will serve as the “anchor” for your stack. (Say, the Galaxy cuff)
  3. Add an accent piece! This is a pop of color ( the Splash Gem bangle) or perhaps a contrasting motif. (the Petit Lavande cuff). 
  4. Repeat! 

As you can see, there is a ton of flexibility within this method, but that’s the point. You can opt to add different colors and metals, or you can stick with a single theme. By selecting lots of colors you can create a fun and funky look, while choosing muted tones is subtle and sophisticated. You can also decide how big you want your stack to be. Maybe one day it’s two or three bracelets and the next it's a whole arm!

Kristen Baird’s Favorite Combos

If you’re still looking for some guidance, don’t worry. Here are a few of my favorite combinations from my own collections. They could be a great jumping off point for something completely original!

Seaside Sunset Stack

Seaside Sunset Stack

Start with the Seashell Speckle necklace as your base. It’s composed of five simple yet elegant silver flecks polished until they reflect the light like mirrors.

Next, add the Veiled Horizon necklace. Also simple and understated, the gentle arc creates a contrasting shape without overpowering the overall look.

Finally, add your accent piece! The Bright Bubble necklace in Brazil amethyst is a great option for a pop of color. The gemstone is comfortably nestled in a domed-shaped cushion that adds yet another interesting shape to your stack. If you’d like a softer feel, opt for the Mini Pearl necklace. 

If you’re feeling spunky and want to step it up, go for the Mini Half Moon necklace. Gorgeous! 

Floral Fields Stack - Jewelry by Kristen Baird

Floral Fields Ring Stack

I absolutely love stacking rings, and this combination is one that can be adjusted for any taste and occasion.

The base for this combo is the Dandelion ring. It’s a tiny breath of a band, yet elegant and deceptively complex in its ripple shape. It’s shown here in 14K yellow gold (bottom ring) The slight color contrast is the first subtle and delicate detail in this stack.

Next comes your staple piece! The Sunbeam ring is the true anchor for this stack (Shown 2nd from the bottom.) The thicker band adds weight and the six-prong setting gives extra prominence to the dazzling gemstone. Even though this stack plays with shades of red, I selected the dazzling opal for the largest stone. 

Now…. Playtime! I’ve pictured multiple rings that complement each other, but you can choose which ones you love best. Opt for one or two or rock them all at once!  

The Meteor Shower rings are ideal for stacking, with their teensy embedded stones and delicate bands. Shown here in champagne quartz (4th from bottom).

The Bubbling Brook rings are the petite version of our signature Ripple ring. Also designed for stacking, the smoother band texture and larger stone make for a nice contrast with the Meteor Shower rings. (Top and 3rd from top in garnet and pink tourmaline, respectively)

Step up the bling with the Sunset Sparkle ring, which features a lovely round-cut pink amethyst in a four-prong setting. For a more bold stack, you could swap in the Sunbeam ring for this one!

Finally, I love the horizontal stone on the Horizon Mist ring (3rd from the bottom in rhodolite garnet.) It’s a beautiful contrast to the other rings in this stack. If your vision is elegant sophistication, be sure to include this ring.

So there you have it! Two of my favorite combos that you can mix, match, and make your own. Happy stacking!

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