August Birthstone of the Month: Peridot

Kristen Baird

August’s birthstone, peridot, may be an out-of-this-world color, but it’s actually formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface. While most stones are formed on the crust, peridot stones (and diamonds) rely on volcanic eruptions to bring them to light. This chartreuse gemstone has always been a low-key favorite of mine, but it’s having a real moment recently, and I’m receiving more requests for peridot jewelry than ever before. It also happens to be Paxton’s birthstone, so it comes along with many happy connotations for me!

Here’s how I incorporate peridot in my jewelry designs…

Peridot Pieces from the Celestial Collection

Kristen Baird Blog - Peridot - Celestial Pieces

The mesmerizing greenish-yellow hue of this stone has always had an intergalactic feel to me, so I love incorporating it into my Celestial Collection pieces. The elegant Stardrop Earrings feature contrasting stones that gently cascade downward, like droplets of light in the cosmos. I compliment the peridot by pairing it with green amethyst, for a bright and cheery duo.

If you want to showcase this stone on its own, the Mini Half-Moon Necklace in peridot is a petite piece that makes a big impact, evoking a half-moon rising over the horizon.

Finally, the popular Supernova earrings come in two versions (Mini Supernova and Supernova). The cabochon peridot is paired with a lovely teardrop frame and balanced with my signature hand-texturing and granule details. 

Peridot Statement Pieces

Kristen Baird Blog - Peridot - Statement Rings

Larger peridot stones can be difficult to come by, so statement pieces with peridot will usually entail a bit of an upgrade in price. But it’s absolutely worth it! You just don’t see this glamorous green shade every day, so you can be sure these pieces will turn heads with their fun and bright color.

The Pick a Poppy ripple ring features a round peridot stone in a six-prong setting that gently floats atop a flowing asymmetrical band. It truly reminds me of a bright flower bobbing along the surface of the water.

The duel-tone Birds of a Feather ring boasts a trillion-cut central stone in subtle green amethyst complemented by a petite peridot stone that bursts forth with color. Even though peridot is the smaller stone in this piece, the bright color packs a huge punch!

The largest peridot stone I offer is the mesmerizing Golden Hour ring. This bold asymmetrical design celebrates the moment just before the sun sets when light and color are in perfect balance. The oval green stone is ideally juxtaposed with a rippling band that seems to flow over and around it. There’s plenty of movement and texture to highlight the bright color. Truly the perfect way to showcase this stone!

KBCE Peridot Rings

Kristen Baird Blog - Peridot - KBCE

Cabochon peridot stones can also come in unusual shapes and cuts, making them great options for the Kristen Baird® Collaborative Experience. KBCE allows you to design your perfect piece by pairing your favorite ripple band with one-of-a-kind cabochon stones. It’s so much fun to do for yourself, but it’s also a great gift… maybe for your favorite August birthday baby!

It’s easy to see why peridot is getting more popular every year. There are so many peridot options in my collections, so if you don’t see your favorite piece here, don’t be shy about reaching out. I love personalization and peridot!

Happy birthday to Paxton and all of you August birthdays!

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