Birthstone of the Month: Citrine

Kristen Baird

Over the years, I’ve experimented with every birthstone in various designs and always found ways to work each stone in with my style. But November’s birthstone, citrine, is the one birthstone out of the 12 that I use most often (second only to blue topaz) – especially in my signature pieces: Ripple Ring, Serenity Necklace, and Mini Shooting Star Earrings. And it’s not just because it’s easy to get my hands on, but citrine is a lovely compliment to other stones, and it goes so perfectly with sterling silver and yellow gold – making it the best stone to bring in a two-toned look - and really pop the look! Now don’t get me wrong, citrine can hold its own, but combined with other stones, this sunny, bright gem makes any piece POP with happiness!

Citrine Raw Gemstones

What is Citrine?

Citrine is actually the transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange variety of quartz. The name “citrine” replaced the standard name of “yellow quartz” in 1556. Citrine’s beautiful autumn hues represent the ideal birthstone for November! Although the name has a number of potential sources, all of them relate to citrus and are a nod to the stone’s orange-based hues. One of the most likely sources for the name is the French word “citron,” meaning lemon. And ranked at a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, this sweet gem can stand the test of time.

The majority of modern-day citrine comes from Brazil. However, natural citrine can also be found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, France, and Madagascar, among other places. Darker colors, including medium golden orange, are typically considered more rare, and as a result, more valuable.

History & Lore

Citrine has been used ornamentally for thousands of years. In fact, in Ancient Greece, the stone was used as a decorative gem during the Hellenistic Age. In addition, 17th century Scottish men used citrine on the handles of daggers and swords as embellishment, and there are even records of entire sword handles crafted from citrine.

More recently, citrine was particularly popular during the Art Deco era between World War I and World War II. During this time, movie stars wore oversized and elaborate citrine jewelry. Its sunny color and dramatic proportions suited the streamlined style and bold gold of the era. It was often set with ruby, peridot, and aquamarine in colorful brooches, necklaces, and bracelets.

With its warm, golden glow, citrine has long been treasured as a gift from the sun. In ancient times, the gemstone was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts. Several ancient civilizations believed it withheld the power of the sun and recognized it as the gem of positivity, growth, and success.

Kristen Baird Jewelry & Citrine

Sentimental Citrine Redesign

Sentimental Citrine Ring Redesign: I love repurposing gemstones into new pieces that my clients will love and wear. After falling in love with and purchasing a ring from my collection and realizing that she had a GORGEOUS citrine that was given by her late husband (and that she wasn't wearing), my client decided to have me create her own "sentimental citrine" ring, bursting with warm 18K yellow gold hues and pops of sparkly diamonds. What a great choice and an excellent way to bring something so special a bit of new life!

Citrine Ripple Rings: As if dropped into a smooth, still pond, a dazzling gemstone emerges from the center of our eccentric Ripple Ring design, while the bands gently flow outward in small, undulating waves. Precisely handcrafted one at a time, our Ripple Ring collection includes over 200 rings (and counting), all possessing slightly different style details, from band width to stone cut. What remains the same, however, is our signature feature: a textured band that rises and falls ever so slightly with a peaceful flow like rippling water.

Citrine Jewelry by Kristen baird Final Thoughts

I sure do love a juicy citrine stone, and we all know, bold designs are kinda my thing, so it works out quite nicely when these ideas intersect and allow me to create something eye-catching and magical. It brings me joy to use this gemstone in my work, and if there’s one gemstone that personifies happiness, it has got to be this one!

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