Lessons from Lacoste - Round Deux

Kristen Baird

Thanks for popping in yet again for another round of Lessons from Lacoste. If you haven’t yet seen Round 1, be sure to check it out RIGHT HERE. Although Round 1 taught a very valuable lesson, Round 2's lesson is a little different and it involves trying a new approach. Read on and you’ll understand…

Typically, in any situation, I like to brief myself and go in with a full-on “game-plan”. Perhaps it comes from my Type A personality or because I was an athlete throughout high school and college. Either way, planning, list-making and super organization have always been my kinda jam. 

Growing up Kristen Baird

Shown above is creative little Kristen.  Oh look, even my markers are somehow perfectly aligned.

However, for my residency with the SCAD Alumni Atelier program, I decided to “shake things up a bit” and not plan anything until I arrived in Lacoste. Although that may sound easy to some, but for this designer, it’s a complete foreign concept. Despite the inner urge to pre-design and select materials prior to arriving, I stuck with the "don't plan" plan. I packed my bags with my favorite tools, grabbed a few of my go-to raw materials, got on the plane to Lacoste and prayed to the design gods that I wouldn't hit any sort of a creative block.

Let’s just say, this whole new not-planning thing, was the BEST. DECISION. EVER. As soon as I arrived in France, I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath. I smiled as I exhaled, because I realized that I had nothing to worry about. Inspiration surrounded me from every angle. I soaked everything in...the sounds, the smells, the gorgeous views. I wandered around the village snapping pictures for my studio's inspiration wall. I ran the roads, hiked the trails, walked the paths and around each curve, I found things that captured my heart and called to me.

Lacoste first impression collage_Kristen Baird

Little by little, the ideas started pouring in, the concepts seemed to be forming themselves and the stories came together...all in a perfectly authentic way. Nothing was forced, nothing fabricated, all real! Talk about one way to kick the “creative block” to the curb and really live in the moment.

Why am I telling you this? Two reasons.

1) Sometimes you just have to mix things up a little. This applies to life, design, business…literally - everything! And who knew that it was something I so desperately needed, heading into my residency? I mean planning is great and I'm not saying that I'm giving it up all together (let's not get too crazy now), but sometimes when you just take it easy and follow your intuition...everything still falls into place and greatness happens.

2) I am SO pumped about my new collection launch and now that you know some of the backstory, I hope you are too. This collection is inspired, designed and handcrafted with so much love, passion and genuine care. I am confident that when you see these pieces, you'll feel it too.

And speaking of the new pieces, we are planning on going LIVE with the Lacoste-inspired “Bonjour Belle” collection in about a week or so! So please be sure to check back and don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the grand reveal. 

The new Bonjour Belle Collection by Kristen Baird coming soon

Well, back to the studio I go. Thank you everyone again for your continued support, patience and encouragement as I travel along my journey. As you all know, it means a great world to me to be surrounded by people who not only love and appreciate what I do, but get excited about my process, even knowing how I totally GEEK OUT about it. Thank you for making my day...every day!

Until next time,


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  • Can’t wait to see your new collection!

    Aunt Mary

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