Lessons from Lacoste - Round 1

Kristen Baird


Being an entrepreneur + artist is an interesting combo of equal parts between the right + left side of the brain. Acquiring the ability to constantly switch between the creative, bubbly-artist-brain to the numerical, logistical business-woman-brain, I won't difficult, but oh so necessary! It gets frustrating and overwhelming more often than I would like, but then something like this story (below) happens, which brings everything back into perspective.

Here's a big lesson I learned in Lacoste, that I feel is so important to share...

To these two sweet angels who came into my studio yesterday...THANK YOU! Thank you for being interested in what I was working on. Thank you for wanting to just sit there and watch as I soldered my new flower pieces together. I know we didn't speak the same language, but I could see the fascination and joy in your sparkly eyes. When you didn't want to leave, it made me feel so special, like I was creating something precious...more than a piece of jewelry. It made my heart happy. When you left, a special memory resurfaced in front of my eyes...

I was 6 years old, on the train to New Jersey with my mom. There was an art student across the aisle from us. She had a sketchbook and was creating a drawing in pencil. I watched her and studied what she was doing for what seemed like hours. She smiled and me and talked with us a bit. She was nice and what she was creating with her hands...fascinated me. When the train was about to arrive in New Jersey, she came over and handed me something. It was a bit of a kneadable eraser. She told me to practice with it and try drawing. Little did I know then, that something so small as an eraser, would mean a ton to me; and as a little kid with curiosity and a sparkle in my eyes, that tiny eraser would be the beginning of numerous possibilities.  

Lessons from Lacoste Blog Post Collage_Kristen Baird®

After remembering this story, I so wished the two of you would come back so I could pay it forward, so to speak. I pulled out some metal stamping tools and a few little pieces of copper and brass just in case. When I saw you walk by again and pop your head it to watch for just a few more seconds, I was thrilled! I signaled your parents and asked if I could show you some techniques and help you create a little pendant with your names on it. The excitement on your faces was priceless! We worked together using hand signals and each speaking our own languages. Art...transcends language! Your parents were encouraged to see you trying something new, and were so excited as we took lots of photos of you both creating.

This interaction is exactly what I needed to remind me why I love what I do and why I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've been given. I feel like this is my chance to make an impact on the next generation. You never know when little eyes are watching. I hope that I can one day inspire at least one to pursue a career in the arts. 

Also, a big thank you to the parents for slowing down and taking the time to let your kids try something new and showing them that art is cool! Too often, we move so quickly, distracted by technology, being stressed with life and worried about being late, that we forget to slow down and take joy in little moments like this. These unforgettable moments are what make life special.

Being here in Lacoste, I've had time to reflect, which has been so good for my soul. New goals and dreams are in the making. Can't wait for what's next this journey has for me! 

Until next time, 


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  • Awesome update! True meaning to Reach One, Teach One & Kindness is indeed Universal! What we all need to be reminded of at times! Cheers and safe travels back to Savannah!

    Gail Johnson

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