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This one’s for the guys!

As a jewelry designer, I spend a lot of time talking about women’s fashion, and with good reason. I love girly things! But over the years, I’ve really come to appreciate the nuance of men’s fashion and accessories. Sometimes, it seems like men are overlooked when it comes to that sentimental gift or romantic gesture. But newsflash - guys like nice things too!

That’s why I’m really focusing on expanding my men’s options. Whether it’s an anniversary upgrade to that simple wedding band, an heirloom redesign that will pull at his heartstrings, or just a little treat for fun, it’s always an honor to design the perfect men’s ring.

As with all my designs, there are tons of options for customization and variation within my men’s collection pieces. Here are some of the basic elements to consider when shopping for men’s rings.

Width and Wave

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True to my design aesthetic, all of my men’s rings have some degree of rippling wave. They’re inspired by water, after all! But whether we’re talking about a stormy ocean, a tranquil lake, or a rolling river can make a huge difference. 

My signature Ripple Band is the piece that put Kristen Baird® on the map.  (If you haven’t read the full story of this happy accident, you should definitely check it out on the blog!) The undulating edge imitates the effect of dropping a stone into a cool pond and watching the tiny waves radiate ever outward. This unisex style is available in two widths, depending on your preference. The standard Ripple Band is 11.5mm at the widest point and the Grand Ripple Band is 14mm wide. It’s truly a matter of taste and what feels most natural to you.

If you’re looking for a gentler wave and a deeper edge, the Ocean Ring might be the one for you.  The deep ridge, like a rolling wave, exudes both strength and softness, just like the leading man in your life. For the guys who aren’t afraid of a little bling, this ring can also be upgraded with petite diamonds or gemstones nestled in the waves. 

For a thinner band with a deep wave, look no further than Roaring Rapids. This piece, based on the Wavy Wedding commission, evokes the shape of a rolling river as it crashes over a boulder. This piece is the most dynamic of all my men’s rings, crafted with tons of movement, ripple, and wave. It varies from 3.5mm at the thinnest point to 7mm wide at the widest point. Like the Ocean band, Roaring Rapids is a great candidate for adding little diamonds, like sparkling flecks of light on the water. 

Kristen Baird Blog -Men's Bands Roundup - Roaring Rapids

Finally, if you’re looking for a clean, modern, straight edge, consider the Bay Ring, measuring 7.5-8mm wide, or the Delta Ring, measuring 5.5-6mm wide. Both of these rings feature a combination of a smooth, polished finish with sections of handcrafted texture. They’re perfect for the guy looking for that classic wedding band look, with just a bit of a twist. 

To summarize, from largest to smallest the men’s rings are: Grand Ripple and Ripple Band, Roaring Rapids, Ocean, Bay, and Delta.


So you’ve selected your ideal ring shape and metal. Congrats - that’s just the beginning! I hand-texture all of the pieces right here in my Savannah Studio, which means you are in control of how much texture you want on your piece. Imagine a woodland lake on a windy day. The surface would be full of tiny waves and ripples moving in every direction. On a bright, sunny day, the surface is like a mirror where you can see your reflection. Which of these textures you prefer, or something in-between, is completely up to you.

One thing to consider: for guys who love sports or the outdoors, or just have a really active lifestyle, textured rings are great because they work well with natural wear. Your ring might get scratched or worn down in places over time, but that’s not a problem. It just adds to the organic character of the piece!

Metals and Finish 

Kristen Baird Blog -Men's Bands Roundup - Ocean, Bay, Delta

All of my rings are available in your choice of 18K Yellow or Rose Gold, Platinum, or Silver. Gold and Platinum bands are considered fine jewelry, perfect for anyone wanting to exude the classic elegance of a true gentleman. But silver can also be a great choice, especially for those looking for a masculine “gunmetal” effect, achieved through patina. 

Patina is a natural chemical process of wear on silver that, far from being a fault, is often used to add some artful contrast to a piece. Over time, the patina finish will grow and darken through natural wear, giving your ring even more personality. Silver is also a nice option for guys who are a little worried about the potential of losing their ring and needing it replaced (a common concern, which is totally understandable!)

Kristen Baird Blog -Men's Bands Roundup - Polish vs Matte

Finally, you can select either a polished or matt finish. Polish will reflect more light and have a natural shine, while matt is less reflective. Again, this is purely a matter of taste.

As a side note - I’m often asked if I make rings in alternative metals, such as titanium, tungsten, and ceramic. While these materials are popular at the moment, they can only be manufactured in a mass-production factory setting. They also aren’t able to be resized. You have to replace the ring with a whole new band to get a different size. For these reasons, I only work in gold, silver, and platinum. 

Custom Men’s Bands

Kristen Baird Blog -Men's Bands Roundup - Custom Designs

By now, it should be obvious that men’s rings are far from cookie-cutter. There are still so many more ways to get creative! Here are just a few of the unique features I’ve come up with for custom men’s bands. Maybe they’ll give you a few ideas of your own.

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  • I love the idea of a custom mans band rather than a generic one! This would make a good ten year anniversary gift for Glen!

    Jeana Hughes

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