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Kristen Baird - Bangle Sizing Guide

Bangles, bangles, and more bangles! When I tell you I’m obsessed with this style of bracelet, I am not exaggerating. Everything from their shimmering sparkle, to the way they stack, to the delicate sound they make when you move - bangles are just so much fun! They’re also a bit unusual when it comes to sizing. Bangles are continuous metal hoops intended to be worn loose on the wrist to accommodate movement and stacking. To put them on, you simply slip them over your hand. (Cuffs, in contrast, have an opening that is slipped over the wrist.)

Whether you’re wearing two or three or a whole arm, you want your bangles to fit correctly. Fortunately, with a few simple tricks, I can help you choose the right size so you can get to the fun part - styling them! 

Method One: Measure a Bangle

The easiest way to get your bangle size is simply to measure one you already have. You can measure either the inner circumference or the inner diameter. It might be helpful to use a piece of string to measure the inner circumference.

Once you have those measurements, simply compare them to this chart to get your bangle size:

Kristen Baird - Bangle Sizing Chart


Method Two: Measure Your Knuckles

Don’t have a bangle to measure? No problem! The second way to find your bangle size is to take your knuckle measurement. Here’s how that’s done:

  • Touch your thumb to your little finger. (In other words, make the shape of your hand when you’re putting on your bangle.)
  • Using either a piece of string or flexible tape, wrap around the widest part of your hand. (This will be the base of the knuckle.)
  • This will give you the circumference of your bangle! Compare this circumference to the chart above.

Kristen Baird - Measure Knuckles for Bangles

Don’t Sweat It!

Unlike ring sizes that have little margin for error, bangles are intended to be worn loose. As long as it’s comfortable and not going to fall off your hand, you’re in good shape. Now, the only question is how many bangles do you want!

Kristen Baird - Bangles

Additional metals, gemstones, and personalizations are available for a highly customizable design. 

Contact artist for pricing.

A soft breeze gently stirs the sand on an otherwise pristine beach, depositing shimmering layers high above the surf. As the sands change, a glittering seashell is uncovered. The Sandy Breeze Gem bangle is a glistening streak of bright sand with an elegant accent stone for extra sparkle. Carefully crafted through Kristen’s signature melting and forming process, each petite bangle follows a new path, gently flowing outward in small meandering waves. Stack them and combine gem colors to create your own sparkling shore.

*Please note this listing reflects the price for one 18K gold bangle only. Additional bangles can be ordered to create a beautiful stack!

Light, bright, day or night. These fresh, youthful pieces add a touch of natural sparkle to the everyday, like an ethereal dusting of glitter on a starry night. Meandering lines, organic texture, pops of color - capturing and celebrating the magic of a fleeting moment. Stack, layer, mix, and mingle for effortless yet sophisticated fun. Dainty and elegant individual pieces allow you to build your collection over time and evolve your personal style. Get creative, make your statement, and let your inner light shine. 

Approximately 3-4mm at the widest point, this bangle features its own unique ripple and pattern. Select your favorite gemstone (3.5-4mm in size) for a unique look! Available in 18K yellow gold and 18K rose gold on this page and sterling silver on the Silver Sandy Breeze Gem page. 

At Kristen Baird® Jewelry, we use partially to fully recycled sterling silver. The 18K gold used is certified 100% recycled and the gemstones we use are carefully selected in line with our commitment to social responsibility. Each piece is precisely handcrafted in our Savannah, GA studio, using a metalsmithing process called reticulation. As proof of authenticity, each piece is stamped with the .925 quality mark and whenever possible, is signed/marked with the Kristen Baird® maker’s mark, prior to delivery.

Due to the natural characteristics of handcrafted designs, each piece may contain slight variances from the photos shown. These variances allow uniqueness in every creation, but never take away from the quality of work or the complexity of design.

Current production time is 1-3 weeks for items that require creation, sizing, or customization, but fear not, we do have items that are ready to ship! For specific details, please contact us at

Have questions? Curious about customization options? Need a rush shipment? Email us for more information at or call us at 804-647-6096. We look forward to being of assistance! 

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