Glanum Earrings

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Located near Saint-Rémy in Provence, is an archaeological site called Glanum. Just minutes into visiting, the ruins (most recently inhabited by the Romans from 27BCE-260AD and rediscovered in modern times around the 1920s, with additional findings in the 1980s), come alive in an eerie, yet fascinating way.

While moving about the city, the hazy painting-like image of what life during those times would have been like - becomes crystal clear. The walls stand still and the layout is clearly seen and observed. Massive boulders form gates, monuments, arches and fortifications throughout the landscape. Witnessing such artistry, leaves quite an impression.

Our Glanum earrings capture the feel of those massive boulders that formed a city, once a part of the Roman empire. They are light and airy in form, yet stout in appearance, pointing back to the inspiration of the city of Glanum.

Image: Site Archeologique de Glanum. Photo by Kristen Baird.

Image: Site Archeologique de Glanum. Photo by Kristen Baird.

Stroll through Kristen Baird® Jewelry’s newest jewelry-design collection, influenced by her whimsical, summer days spent in LaCoste, France. Gather vibrant flowers from a weekly, spirited provincial market. Duck behind colorful, medieval-arched doorways for an elusive embrace. Brush fingertips against ancient Roman castle walls—laced with fragile blooms, endless vines and romantic peepholes revealing the bold, organic palette of the valley below. Experience low-hanging branches bursting with deep-pink cherry blossoms, a patchwork quilt of bright emerald olive orchards and brilliant lavender fields awoken by buzzing bees in a sophisticated collection that bares every sensation imaginable—the Bonjour Belle Collection.

These handcrafted earrings measure 45mm in length, by 30mm at the widest point, for a total hang length of around 55mm. Gemstone options may be available upon request. For your convenience, rubber earring backs are included with these dangle/ear-wire style earrings. To ensure balance of comfort and secure placement of your earrings, we recommend always wearing your pieces with the provided earring backs.

At Kristen Baird® Jewelry, we use partially to fully recycled sterling silver. The 18K gold used is certified 100% recycled and the gemstones we use are carefully selected in line with our commitment to social responsibility. Each piece is precisely handcrafted in our Savannah, GA studio, using a metalsmithing process called reticulation. As proof of authenticity, each piece is stamped with the .925 quality mark and whenever possible, is signed/marked with the Kristen Baird® maker’s mark, prior to delivery.

Due to the natural characteristics of handcrafted designs, each piece may contain slight variances from the photos shown. These variances allow uniqueness in every creation, but never take away from the quality of work or the complexity of design.

Current production time is 1-3 weeks for items that require creation, sizing, or customization, but fear not, we do have items that are ready to ship! For specific details, please contact us at

Have questions? Curious about customization options? Need a rush shipment? Email us for more information at or call us at 804-647-6096. We look forward to being of assistance! 

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