Jewelry Box Makeover

Kristen Baird

Sometimes, you just need a makeover. This goes for our jewelry boxes as well. When piles of old pieces turn into a tangled mess and it’s hard to know what you even have anymore, it can be helpful to take a step back and reassess some things. It might even be time to simplify your jewelry box.

When a client came to me with a jewelry box full of heirloom pieces that she wasn’t wearing, I knew it was time to get to work. (I’d recently done another full collection redesign for a client. I’m loving this trend!) Our goal was to transform her collection into everyday wearable pieces that were in her style and could be mixed and matched. And wow did we have fun doing it!


Jewelry Box Makeover - Inspiration

First things first, we had to dump out that jewelry box and see what exactly we were working with. This client had pieces from her mom, her grandmothers, and a few aunts. She even had someone’s 50’s wedding anniversary diamond baguettes. 

She also had a ton of ideas. I filled up an entire page of notes with our initial brainstorming! She loved the Sunburst Pendant, Excursion Necklace, and Precious Fleur. She also loved the mini stacking rings. With so many ideas, I decided to let the materials guide us and create pieces based on how we could best utilize her parts and pieces.

Sunburst Pendant

Jewelry Box Makeover - Process

The collection version of my Sunburst Pendant features an emerald-cut stone, but I can accommodate almost any gemstone cut with this design. That makes it a great option for stones with unusual cuts, like the abstract gemstone from my client’s mother’s ring. This red beauty was the perfect fit! We added additional diamonds from her mother’s pieces to complement the ruby-like gem. 

Veiled Horizon

Jewelry Box Makeover - Emerald Duo

This client is a great lover of two-toned pieces, which is good news because so am I! For this customized Veiled Horizon Gem, we used heirloom diamonds and emeralds from a pair of earrings and a ring. We set the gemstones in 18K yellow gold prongs on a sterling silver bar.

Although both necklaces have gemstones of different colors, they can be layered together because of their similar organic styles. The petite diamonds and the silver also match perfectly. 

Glitter Trail Spin

Jewelry Box Makeover - Process

Another piece that goes beautifully with this ensemble is this spin on the Glitter Trail Earrings. My client had a pair of pearl earrings that were already in these 18K yellow gold claw prongs. Thanks to my laser welder, Starr, I was able to incorporate the entire piece into the design by drilling a hole through the cup and welding the stud earrings on the back. We again used my client’s existing emeralds in 18K yellow gold prongs for a two-toned look.

I love the way this redesign came together. I especially love that, from now on, these beautiful sentimental pieces will be worn regularly and bring a smile to my client’s face. The best part… this is only round one! This client still has several pieces in her jewelry box waiting to be reimagined, so we’re just getting started.

Stay tuned for part two!

Have a jewelry box that could use a little love? Send it my way and let’s create something amazing!

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