2023: Year in Review

Kristen Baird

It’s been another journey around the sun… and what a journey it has been! We’re looking back on some of the most memorable and impactful moments of the year 2023. 


2023 Year End Wrap Up - Jan

Happy New Year! 

After some much-needed rest and rejuvenation, I re-opened my Studio on January 16th. The start of a new year always kicks off with lots of organization and restocking, and this year was no different. With the help of my team, I also kicked off my first real Valentine’s Day campaign. (Can you believe I’ve never promoted Valentine’s Day before!) It was so much fun, and also great to have the support in place to make that possible. 


2023 Year End Wrap Up - Feb

Drumroll, please… It’s tax season! (Oh, and Valentine’s Day, duh.) February is a month for the nuts and bolts of running a small business. It’s not always about glitz and sparkle, but it’s still important. Fortunately, I did have a few fun Valentine’s projects to keep my spirits high.

It was also Drew’s and my eighth wedding anniversary. Time truly flies, and I can’t believe how far we’ve come. I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else!


2023 Year End Wrap Up - Mar

My favorite project of the year was our St. Patrick’s Day collaboration with Tharros Place. During March, a portion of the sales of all green jewelry went to support Tharros Place, a home for victims of human trafficking. I am absolutely in awe of this organization and the work they’re doing in our community, and honored doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about working together. Look out for more collaborations with Tharros Place in 2024!

We also celebrated St. Paddy’s in Savannah as a family. I absolutely love going to the parade, seeing the fountains turn green, and (because we’re runners in this family) running the race the night before. This was truly a highlight!


2023 Year End Wrap Up - April

Happy April Fool’s Day! I still chuckle about our April Fools Instagram post where I launched a collection of toe rings. 😂 

In all seriousness, I did launch the Kristen Baird Collaborative Experience, which allows anyone to create their own one-of-a-kind bezel ripple ring right on my website. You can also give the experience as a gift!

We celebrated Easter with family, and it’s always so much fun to see how much joy a simple plastic egg and some chocolate can bring. 

Finally, we rounded out the month with a beautiful trunk show at the Grand Bohemian Greenville. I love getting to meet so many sparkle lovers face-to-face!


2023 Year End Wrap Up - May

I was originally supposed to do the Grand Bohemian Charleston trunk show in April, but I ended up getting sick. (Having two kids in daycare will do that!) Fortunately, we rescheduled for May. Unfortunately, we ended up getting a flat tire on the way! Pretty much a perfect summary of my life. 😅 It all turned out okay, and we were still able to make the show.

May was also Mother’s Day, and I published one of my all-time favorite blog posts, How Being a Mom Changed My Perspective on Business (For the Better.) In that article, I reflected on the importance of dedicated time and attention to both motherhood and being a business owner.


2023 Year End Wrap Up - June

June was a month for celebrations! 

First, my birthday! I celebrated another year of growth and memories, surrounded by my family. We also celebrated Drew on Father’s Day. He’s truly the best husband and dad anyone could ask for. Finally, our intern Abby graduated from SCAD! I was so proud and also so sad to lose her in the studio. (Spoiler Alert: I didn’t!)

June also marked the 5 year anniversary of my SCAD alumnae residency in Lacoste. I celebrated by reflecting back on the lessons learned and also launching new additions to the Bonjour Belle Collection! For the first time in five years, some of the most popular pieces from this collection are available in gold!


2023 Year End Wrap Up - July

In July of this year, we lost my beloved father-in-law, Lamar Poole Rabun. Lamar was a soft-spoken, genuine man who always had a snack in his pocket, a band-aid in his wallet, and a loving word on his lips. His children and grandchildren adored him, and I was so lucky to have him as a father-in-law. We miss him every day. 

I’m incredibly grateful to my friends, Kristen Baird Team, and my community who rallied around our family at this time. Even during the most difficult moments, you helped us find light. 


2023 Year End Wrap Up - Aug

We started getting back into the swing of things in August, slowly at first and then all-at-once with a big photo shoot with Paprika Southern. I’m still not sure how I pulled it off, but the whole team pitched in to get me ready for the shoot - and I’m so glad we did it! I had so much fun working with Bevin and Siobhan and collaborating with our model Bella was an extra special treat. The whole day really lifted my spirits. Oh, and the photos are beautiful too!

I also paid a visit to the Atlanta Jewelry Show and ooh la la! There were so many incredible gems, chains, and every part and piece you can imagine. I also tracked down a very special diamond for a commission project. To top it off, I connected with some new vendors and collaborators. 

Paxton also turned 4 in August, an opportunity for some much-needed celebration. I continue to be in awe of my boys as they grow. Every year brings new surprises and so many blessings!


2023 Year End Wrap Up - Sept

BACK TO STUDIO! I had a lot of commissions waiting patiently on my bench and it was time to dive back in. Fortunately, I had a teammate. Abby officially joined as my part-time studio assistant in September. Congrats to her! 

We also had a major studio upgrade in September. After years of saving, I was finally able to purchase a LaserStar Welder. The laser welder makes it possible for Abby and I to implement even more technical and precise designs with speed and accuracy. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

We had multiple wedding and engagement rings plus other commissions to work through. (Check out our commission round-up blog to see a few of them!) We also ramped up the transition to gold jewelry. I’m offering more gold and platinum pieces than ever before. It’s giving luxury over here!


2023 Year End Wrap Up - Oct

Preston turned 2! I truly can’t believe it. It’s like I blinked and my baby isn’t a baby anymore. We’re full toddler over here, and going strong!

As part of the holiday ramp-up, we had tons of commissions to work on as well as deliveries on my collection pieces. People started their holiday shopping earlier this year, which honestly I’m grateful for!

On the personal side, I published an article in Southern Jewelry News that I am very proud of, The Importance of Having Patience and Compassion in Your Jewelry Business. I reflected on our family’s loss and how it gave me insight into clients who are struggling during the holiday season. The holidays bring up a lot of emotions, and the jewelry industry is no different. I’m striving to be there for others like my community was there for me.


2023 Year End Wrap Up - Nov

So many events! We did another trunk show at Greenville, followed by a holiday pop-up in support of Tharros Place. I also designed the Legacy Award for the SD Gunner Fund. This organization helps veterans and disabled children with the financial expense of owning service animals. The award is given to an individual or organization who has shown outstanding support. This year’s winner was the US Military Veterans Motorcycle Club and we designed an award with black onyx stones and a rugged patina to capture the motorcycle spirit. Thank you USMCMC for everything you do!

In keeping with the theme of ups and downs, two of the Grand Bohemian galleries closed in November, but I found out that I’m being featured in the Artful Home catalog. When one door closes, another opens!

The highlight of November was when Paxton started ice skating lessons. Truly the cutest thing I have ever seen. 😭


2023 End of Year Wrap-Up Dec

Wrapping those last-minute boxes and polishing those final rings! Making sure everything gets in the mail and then… Ahhh! It’s time or some much-needed rest with family. 

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, full of ups, downs, twists and turns. Through it all, my Sparkle Community has been there to support me. I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished this year professionally, but more than that I’m so grateful for all my friends and family. Having a community like this is the truest form of success, a sign of a year well lived.

Thank you and Happy 2024!

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