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Kristen Baird

Being an artist means being continually inspired, constantly creating, and pushing myself to grow and evolve. While every Kristen Baird® piece is inspired by nature and handcrafted with love, they are also influenced by different phases in my life and memorable experiences. Each Kristen Baird® Collection has a unique style, evoking everything from the waters of the earth to the galaxy above.

Explore all my collections and discover what kindles your imagination.

Ripple Collection by Kristen Baird

The Ripple Collection

From Kristen: My very first collection continues to represent my signature style and some of my most popular pieces. When people think about Kristen Baird® Jewelry often the first images that come to mind are my many Ripple Rings and the Splash Gem cuff - and I love that! Before creating the Ripple Ring, I was still struggling to identify my unique style. Designing these fluid, water-like pieces felt like I was finally bringing my little boat to shore. Many of my later designs and custom creations continue to use the ripple style as their jumping-off point. (Or should I say “diving in point!”)

About the collection: The signature Ripple Collection is organic, fluid-like and natural. Look upon soft snowdrops covering boulders among cloudy mountain peaks. Imagine the gentle rush of water in a riverbed, as it winds its way home. Inspired by the natural and pure movements of water, each piece in the collection perfectly combines organic, swirling motion of a tranquil landscape with modern drizzles of inspiration. Wear them any day, at any moment, for any event - these pieces will quickly become your forever go-to's.

Iconic Piece: The Splash Gem cuff aka “The O Cuff”.

As if getting splashed by a mischievous wave on the beach, this cuff is fun and playful. Like the gentle sparkles created by the glistening sun, swiftly flowing across the surface of our signature ripple pattern, this cuff is bursting with movement and shine. It also represents one of my favorite memories as a jewelry designer. When Oprah spoke at the 2018 SCAD commencement, this bracelet was given to her as a gift. A few days later, I spotted her wearing it on TV! Since then, the Splash Gem cuff has been affectionately nicknamed “The O Cuff.”

The Pearl Collection by Kristen Baird

The Pearl Collection

From Kristen: Growing up in the South, I saw my mom and grandmother (and aunts and cousins) break out their pearls for special occasions. To me, pearls always symbolized classic elegance and sophistication. When I became a jewelry designer, I knew I wanted to pay homage to these timeless classics, but I also wanted to put my own artistic spin on things. This collection is a nod to classic pearl jewelry with a hint of nature and a playful modern touch. 

About the collection: The Pearl Collection is a demure ode to your cherished pearl necklace. Each piece features an ethically selected freshwater pearl, set in hand-made sterling silver designs. The collection incorporates Southern charm with organic flow and subtly, yet noticeably, stands on its own. Meant to be worn daily or for events, as a statement or to be combined with others, The Pearl Collection by Kristen Baird® is fresh, fun and elegant.

Iconic Piece: Pearl Ripple Ring

This piece is the perfect example of how my style has evolved over the years, with one collection weaving into another. It features my signature ripple band, which undulates outward in gentle waves like a breeze over a freshwater bay. Emerging from the water, a lovely pearl reveals itself in its shell.  This ring speaks of coveted sandy treasures from the shores of childhood and the memories of the delicate bonds of youth.

The Celestial Collection by Kristen Baird

The Celestial Collection

 From Kristen: My original Ripple Collection was inspired by the soft waves of water and is full of intricate detail. This collection went in a totally different direction - modern, sleek, and smooth with pops of playful hues. It was in large part a response to my community, which was asking for smaller shapes and more color. This collection is inspired by the cosmos and influenced by my background in architecture. (Did you know that before I became a jewelry designer I wanted to be an architect? It was bound to make its way back at some point! ) It’s all about asymmetrical balance and concentric shapes. Still, it maintains an inspiration grounded in nature and is filled with a subtle complexity. Most notably not included in the Celestial Collection: rings and cuffs. I made the decision early-on that the collection would focus on necklaces and earrings that would serve to accent the original Ripple Collection's most popular pieces. 

About the collection: You spoke - we listened! The inspiration behind the Celestial Collection grew from ideas and requests from jewelry lovers like you! Your desire for smooth stones, delicate curves, subtle volume and concentric circles is what originated this out-of-this-world collection. Dainty, lightweight and oh, so pretty - these jewelry pieces burst with pops of color and movement, handcrafted into contemporary designs. The Celestial Collection by Kristen Baird® is truly wondrous, graceful and ethereal.

Iconic Piece: Aurora Earrings

Inspired by swirling solar winds that bring about the phenomena we know as an 'aurora' (aka the northern lights - aurora borealis), these earrings pay tribute to the majestic light shows that illuminate the night and mesmerize us with their vivid colors and dreamy look. In addition to the concentric circles so reminiscent of this collection, this piece features two elements that later became staples in my jewelry: “granule” details and cabochon gemstones. The granules add fun, asymmetric balance to what would otherwise be a simple hoop shape. The rounded cabochon (flat bottom, smooth at the top) gem gives a pop of dramatic color.

The Bonjour Belle Collection by Kristen Baird

The Bonjour Belle Collection

From Kristen: Normally, I’m all about planning ahead. I meticulously sketch out every piece of jewelry and map out every collection before I get to work. But when SCAD offered me an alumni residency in Lacoste, France, I resisted that urge. I made a commitment to wait and see what inspired me and create pieces that reflected my journey as it was happening. I’m so glad I did! This summer of 2018 had such an enormous impact on my life and my work, and looking back on these designs always brings those memories to life. 

About the collection: Be transported straight to a whimsical Summer day in Lacoste, France via The Bonjour Belle Collection by Kristen Baird®. Gather vibrant flowers from a weekly, spirited provincial market. Duck behind colorful, medieval-arched doorways for an elusive embrace. Brush fingertips against ancient Roman castle walls—laced with fragile blooms, endless vines and romantic peepholes revealing the bold, organic palette of the valley below. Experience low-hanging branches bursting with deep-pink cherry blossoms, a patchwork quilt of bright emerald olive orchards and brilliant lavender fields awoken by buzzing bees in a sophisticated collection that bares every sensation imaginable. 

Iconic Piece: Fleur Precieuse Necklace

This necklace is a perfect combination of natural inspiration and feminine elegance. Originally inspired by the plethora of organic vines, meandering branches and pops of brilliantly colored fleurs - a true characteristic of Provence in Southern France - this necklace has taken on a whole new meaning. This necklace was one of the earliest Kristen Baird® pieces specifically designed for layering and stacking. I imagined it being worn in multiple versions of silver, rose, and yellow gold or paired with the Petit Lavande Gem necklace for a pop of color. While this was the beginning, my obsession with layering and stacking would only grow over time!

The Graceful Glimmer Collection by Kristen Baird

And introducing…. The Graceful Glimmer Collection

From Kristen: Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I’m just as excited about my clients’ self- expression when it comes to jewelry as I am about my own designs. That’s why I’m such a big proponent of layering and stacking. While all my collections are great for mixing-and-matching, my newest collection was designed with this at the forefront. This collection includes some of my daintiest, most petite pieces from previous collections as well as some new favorites. Start out small and build your own style!

About the collection: Light, bright, day or night. These fresh, youthful pieces add a touch of natural sparkle to the everyday, like an ethereal dusting of glitter on a starry night. Meandering lines, organic texture, pops of color - capturing and celebrating the magic of a fleeting moment. Stack, layer, mix, and mingle for effortless yet sophisticated fun. Dainty and elegant individual pieces allow you to build your collection over time and evolve your personal style. Get creative, make your statement, and let your inner light shine with The Graceful Glimmer Collection by Kristen Baird®.

Brand-New Favorites: The Dandelion and Dandelion Bloom Rings

A field of wild dandelions sway in the wind, delicate wisps of white drifting through the air. One bloom stands out from the rest, a burst of color and beauty. The Dandelion ring is a tiny breath of a band that boasts the honor of being the thinnest and tiniest ring across all Kristen’s collections. Its sister, the Dandelion Bloom adds in a pop of playful color with a vast selection of itty-bitty gemstones. In keeping with the vision of Graceful Glimmer, these brand new rings are the most fully customizable and playfully stacking Kristen Baird® rings to date. 

Shown above (top to bottom): Dandelion Bloom in yellow gold and sapphire, Dandelion Bloom in yellow gold and emerald, Dandelion Bloom in tanzanite, Dandelion Ring in silver, Dandelion Bloom in rose gold and ruby, Dandelion Bloom in aquamarine, Dandelion Bloom in rose gold and diamond. 

As you can see, my designs have undergone many changes over the years, but I’ve always stayed true to myself and to my passion for creating beautiful pieces that reflect nature and tell a story. My hope is that you can incorporate my designs into your own unique style, keep expressing yourself, and never stop learning and growing. As for me, I’m only just getting started!

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